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About Us - Global Residency

A world that is rapidly globalizing

The last 15 years have seen the world get flatter and smaller at a much rapid pace than ever before.   World economies continue to get more and more interlinked,  and the resulting economic bridges continue to open enormous opportunities for businesses and individuals.

These opportunities are new vistas for global growth and prosperity.   For most nations, surpluses of technologies, food or talent - are best utilized when they reach others who struggle with shortfalls of the same.

The challenge for those looking to expand internationally is the availability of information and advise.   Take the case of a business owner looking to grow in international markets.  The challenge of not having on the ground data about the market, expected challenges, access to ancillary service providers, can all result in significant barriers to growth.  Growth that is usually a true win-win in most cases - international investment and job creation for the destination country, and diversification of markets and risks for the investor.

Global Residency offers its clients an integrated platform for services in the areas of

  1. International Business & Investments, and
  2. Global Talent Acquisition.

Details on services offered by us are on the Services page.

To explore and know about destinations that we offer services for, please visit the Destinations page.

Visit Jobs page to look at the current talent needs that our clients are looking to fill.

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